Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Don't Carry Too Much Money

Heard at Bishop Cartoon Boys School :

Principle Ebeneezer Scrooge addressing 10th grade class : I heard some students complaining about having money stolen from their wallets at the pool. The ones at fault are the students. They are too young to be carrying that much money.

10th grade student : But Sir, without the money we aren't able to get the women to sleep with us.

Monday, July 18, 2016

From Rishaad's Hour on Bloomberg

Not from BB : There are people like you and me paying about $20k a year for Bloomberg news? Really?

Anyhow, while on the treadmill today :

Angie's List is now free - after 20 years! But, what do you really get?
PersonalCapital.com - for dummies - a way to track your net worth - and be tracked too of course :)
smartcheck.gov - never get taken for a ride by a "financial professional" again.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

What the Fupport is Unicode Support?

Unicode support means you conform to the unicode standard - which specifies character encoding.

Failure to conform means you use whatever binary representation suits you for various characters (#,@, a, b, c, etc)

Friday, January 23, 2015

The New Physics in Middle School

How physics will be taught to 7th graders from now on.

What are the electron and the proton and neutron? They are models for explaining observations. That's all they are. Initial discoveries in physics went along the lines of : the experiment showed that a few particles were scattered a considerable angle from their original path. This suggests a massive particle at the core of the atom. Nowadays, however, scientists take years to plan and run a particular experiment intended to improve our understanding of nature. Then they take time to analyze the data from that experiment. What follows then is refinements to the models used to explain nature.

We use models in our life without thinking. These models serve some of us well and some of the models the younger generation uses don't match those of our forebears.

For example, we have a model of a bank. You put money it in and you can withdraw it. The money is safe. Such a model is almost universally true. But, it needs refinement based on circumstances. What form is the money stored in - if it's precious metal, that's one thing. If it's South American currency, it might not be "safe" even though you may be able to retrieve the same currency notes at any time.

A model of marriage might look like this : You get married. The wife stays at home as a homemaker. The husband works at one company for his whole life. After a year of marriage, the couple starts to have children. They stay married forever. Etc. Such a model is based on certain assumptions and holds true as long as those assumptions are valid. The model would have to be refined to take into account the interactions of this system with new stimuli (stressors) like the heightened pace of life, the competitive workforce, the sexual revolution, the pervasiveness of the media, materialism, etc.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Man and Everyone Else

Miss Daisy, what is the difference between man and the other animals?

That's a good question Ruth. Man is the only animal that plans for retirement.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Keeping Your ESPP

Miss Fidelity told us that brokerage houses like to rip off our parents by hooking up with their employers to manage their ESPPs. Even for the employee who isn't greedy and wants to sell the day of the purchase and take his 15%, he has to either shell out $20 for the trade or wait a couple of days to transfer the shares to a discount brokerage. What's mom and dad to do? Take a short-cut. That's the only way Miss Fidelity said to sell the shares immediately in another brokerage.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Any Ideas

This one is supposed to be about a fictitious boy who brings funny stories home from school - about his friends parents, his teachers, etc.